Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Grand Scope

A wonderful friend of mine recently had her art opening at the Robert Berman Gallery. I am in awe of her pure talent and incredible braveness. She is 23-24 years old (sorry Vanessa if I got your age wrong) artist pursing her dreams and desires. Vanessa is also self taught, which blows my mind away…See all her work here:

Today, I am the proud owner of this beautiful piece, Grand Scope. It was a difficult decision, as my first choice was Magic Mare, I fell in love the moment I saw it, but someone bought it before I could sweep it up. My Second choice, Skinny Lover, I really love the mood and darkness of this piece, it reminds me of those moments of loss and love all intertwined. This rings true for me, as I do not believe you can have love, without loss. However, in the end I decided on Grand Scope. For me, this painting will remind me to look into the future and witness every detail in 3D. Maybe it resembles my own life and the hope that my future will be bright, exciting and full of three dimensions.

I guess this is how I choose art or make art for that matter. I do not make choices based upon if I think it will be worth more money later, or whether it is something I “think” I should own, but if it moves me, or hold significance to me and only me. I have always wanted to be a big supporter of the arts and artists, so in some respect, I am living that dream. My collection is growing and each day when I walk thru my home, every piece I have purchased still makes me smile and giggle with admiration for theses delicate artistic souls.

My own art has been a whirlwind, as I am exploring my own style, while thinking about what I want to communicate to the world through my art. Maybe it will remain a hobby, a place I go to release my energy, or maybe I will actually make something out of it.

So far, I am proud to say, I have sold four of my own paintings, all thru word of mouth. This astounds me, as I have only painted 6 pieces since I began painting again. It also looks like one of my paintings is being purchased for an album cover…holly cow….If it does, or doesn’t isn’t really the point…The point is, I love to paint, even when I am completely frustrated and have absolutely no direction in sight and I waste buckets of paint on one canvas. However, somehow, eventually, I make something reveal itself and I am proud and feel that it is complete….Maybe that is the same with life. We must propel ourselves to throw buckets of paint at it, until something sticks…and then, maybe we can smile and be proud.

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