Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Its a new year....again

Another year has flown past..and maybe as with fine wine, we age with dignity, flavor, taste and new aroma. My puppy, Sadie, is sitting on my lap as I write this. Usually, she wants to type, play with my keyboard and wreak havoc with my things, but right now, she’s sleeping soundly on my lap. Soon she will be bigger and won’t be able to enjoy this space, as with all things in life. We grow up, become bigger and have to find new spaces to occupy.

I have a theory about space. A friend of mine, whom I adore, spoke to me about space and how he felt different about his own space, well space is in fact the area we occupy as spiritual beings. As we grow, we enjoy different space, new space, but it is in fact our space. Our private area in which we occupy, that we enjoy more and more with knowledge, learning, and time. Time….another little morsel that we all know about.

Some of us look at time as a demon, a tyrant that creeps up on us when we’re not looking, and grabs us by the throat and says “you’re time is almost up’” or “you’re too old now to enjoy the fruits of your life.” But, I say, f*** that….We are the time and space we choose and we are whatever we want to be, do or have…and time and space are only relevant to our state of mind. Stay young at heart and follow your passion and everything will be okay.

So in this New Year, remember we are the captains of our destiny, we are the leaders of our time and we are the space we occupy.

Love to all my dear friends….you know who you are….and take this New Year by the balls and be and do whatever your heart desires…..

Love to you all….

Thursday, December 18, 2008

Newest Painting's from my studio

In Progress
Rainy Days

Red Shoes



Keep it simple

Sometimes the universe answers our calls and sometimes it doesn’t hear us at all, no matter how loud we scream. Sometimes the universe says, “Hi. You’ve called the universe. I’m not home at the moment, please leave a message and I’ll get back to you when I can”. Unfortunately, the universe hasn’t answered all my calls lately and frankly I’m beginning to feel like I may have the wrong number. I hate leaving messages. I need instant contact, a live conversation, an immediate response.

I believe we are ‘all connected’ as human beings. We may lead different lives, have different points of view, personalities, desires, dreams, talents, etc. but on some very deep level, we are all connected and share so much with one another. Strangers we’ve never meet, people who live on the opposite side of our planet, the guy, or girl who works in a factory somewhere. Sometimes I get the feeling that the universe is actually a big switch board, you know, the old fashion kind they used in the 20’s and 30’s with red and black wires, all crossed over each other, a big mess unless you know how to use it. There have been times in my life when I control that switchboard, when they are all in the correct holes, the connections are clear and concise and there are times in my life when they are a big jumbled mess. But if you learn how to use this switchboard, and the communication with the universe is open, it can be an amazing experience. The connections we have with people are so very precious and to me, as important as my own breath. Treating people with respect, dignity, genuine care, love and most importantly, granting them the right to be who they are and love them despite all reasons not to.

Despite the universe not answering my calls recently in regards to several of my personal requests, I feel a sense of calm about it. I’m not pacing the hallways wondering when…..when……..why…..why…..or laying in bed at night annoyed that my karma must be off and I must have done something terrible to deserve being ignored like this. Strangely, I feel a sense of calm that my life will become complete and my path will appear in front of my eyes, and if I’m lucky, I will have it all and then some.

The holidays are not my favorite time of year these days, they represent much loss and pain, but instead of succumbing to that deep pain, I’ve decided to keep it simple. Create the love, create the sparkles, create the moment, be present, give presents, and allow the universe to get back to me when he’s ready to commit to answering my call.

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

The sound of white

This place needs the rain, it needs to be washed away of its sins, of its cynical sense of humor, of its pretence. This place needs the rain and rain it receives. Wind, rain and apparently snow in Malibu? Could it be true….

The rain makes me want to be bundled under warm blankets by my fire and indulge myself in a provocative romance novel that tells the story of other peoples secret lives, naughty and wild. This rain makes me want to create a fantasy world that I could live in for a couple of hours-a world that only I dictate, whereby I am the complete goddess and ruler. I want my imagination to run wild, I want to run away to that place where all of my fantasies, dreams and desires are my reality….if even for a few hours.

While I’m there, I might float in a bubble, fly in a hot air balloon, climb a mountain, jump off a cliff into soft bouncy clouds, dance in a field of yellow daisies, be the captain of a pirate ship, fly to the moon, sip fine nectar from a wild flower, ride a white horse bare back and drown in the feathers and down of my cloud.

Sometimes, if I listen to the sound of white, I can hear what’s inside my soul and if I lay still long enough, I like what I hear, the howling wind, the pouring rain and an old man snoring somewhere. But mostly I love the sound of my imagination where I play make believe and life’s better for a moment.

Sunday, December 7, 2008

Sadie Snuggles Walker

We are proud to annouce the newest addition to our family, Ms. Sadie Snuggles Walker. She is a 7 week old White Lab....